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A Farmers Market that
is hosted online. Shop now.
Pick up at a local market host,
or choose home delivery.


Shop Online

Order from dozens of local farms & artisans. You pick the farms you want to buy from and what food you want for the week.

We Collect

We collect all of the items in your order from the various local farms artisans that you chose and gather them for you.

We Deliver

Once we've collected all your items, we deliver your order to your home, office, or to a nearby Market Host for free pickup.

Meet the Team

Ryan Thomas
Ryan is a self-declared foodie. An avid shopper at local farmers markets, his love of local food began on his grandfather's farm. After college, Ryan began a restaurant career where he became general manager at Chipotle, his first foray into responsible sourcing. Today, Ryan leads the initiatives to launch local markets across the country by recruiting, training, and supporting local market hosts on our platform.

Nick Carter
Nick left the family farm ten years ago to pursue a career in business. Over the course of that decade, he launched several successful software startups. But, as they say, you can take the boy out of the country, but nothing took the country out of Nick. Today, his path in business has led him right back to the farm, but in a different capacity. As Co-Founder of Husk, Nick is innovating the local food industry through creating deeper market penetration and distribution channels in the consumer food supply.

Dan Brunner
Dan Brunner is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in logistics and automation. Between his engineering degree and his MBA, Dan brings a highly analytical eye to the operations at and helps us create innovative solutions to local food delivery challenges.

Chris Baggott
After a long career in the software industry, Chris committed himself to making a lasting difference. Chris started Tyner Pond Farm in 2010 and immersed himself in learning about non-industrial, sustainable farming methods. But he didn’t stop there. The tenacity that made him a success in the software industry drove him today to partner with Nick and Adam to bring a whole new level of growth to the local food movement in Indiana.

Local Market Hosts

Creating community around local food.

Local Market Hosts are a vital partner in our local food mission.

Want to find a Market Host near you? Enter your zip code here to find a market host where you can pick up your orders:

Can you join our mission? We are always looking for passionate and talented people to become a Market Host for your local community. The Market Host role is pivotal to the farmers, artisans, and the consumers in the local community who want to connect. provides training, software, and standard policies and procedures to ensure your market is successful.

  • Invite all your favorite local farmers and artisans to add products to your market.
  • Spread the word about your local market to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and other interested shoppers in your local community.
  • Provide a clean, inviting location where customer's weekly orders can be aggregated and picked up.
  • Using easy-to-use software, make sure that weekly orders are routed to the appropriate farms and their payment is sent on schedule.
  • Host periodic demos or workshops for your supplying farmers/artisans to connect with the consumers they serve through your Market.

Sell Your Products

Farmers, Artisans, and Value-Added Food Producers.

Our mission is to connect you directly with the consumers you serve.

We are always looking for passionate and talented farmers and artisans.

  • provides training, software, and standard policies and procedures to ensure selling your product is successful.
  • Our proprietary software makes it easy to list your products online, upload photos, and track inventory so you never get oversold.
  • You set the retail price, and we earn a commission on every sale.
  • Expand your customer base with an innovative online market.